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What is the HEX Ecosytem?

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What is Hedron?

Hedron (HDRN) is a collection of smart contracts that live on the Ethereum and PulseChain blockchain(s). Hedron builds on top of HEX to allow stakers to mint and borrow HDRN tokens against their active HEX stakes. Hedron also allows stakers to trade their HEX stakes as NFT tokens on any compatible NFT marketplace. 

HEX (Store of value)

Certificates of Deposit (CDs, also known as Time Deposits or Bonds) are worth trillions of dollars and used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
CDs are worth more than gold, credit card companies and cash. HEX is a superior CD on the Blockchain.

What is Icosa?

Icosa (ICSA) is a protocol that builds upon the Hedron protocol to add HDRN staking and additional incentives for staking HEX as well as jumpstarting the Hedron borrowing system. Icosa is built by the same team behind the Hedron protocol, ensuring seamless integration.

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