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How to make your first market buy with PulseX dApp on PulseChain Test net V2B



Feb 12, 2023

Connecting, Approving and Signing the transaction. Also adding Tokens to dApp and Metamask.


First, verifying the contract address is very important because transactions are irreversible and therefore verifying the contract ensures that the funds are being sent to the correct recipient or smart contract. If the contract address is incorrect, the funds could be lost forever. You can verify a contract address on the PulseChain blockexplorer here. We will go over this later in the guide.

Now goto:

Connecting your wallet. Click the green Connect Wallet button at top right corner of site.

Then this dialog box should pop up. Select wallet, for this guide i'll be using

Then you will get two notifications asking to Connect your account(s), select the ones you would like to connect, then click Next. For this guide i've created a second account in Metamask.

In the second notification you will allow metamask to See address, account balance, activity and suggest transations to approve. This is not an Approval. You can disconnect site after we are done.

Once connected we are ready to make our first swap. Click on the Exchange tab.

Then we will have to get testnet tokens if you dont have and tPLS yet. We can do the here.

I'll be swaping 5 tPLS for PLSX for example. Here you see i'll recieve 21.2269 PLSX for 5 tPLS. Next click the Swap button.

Next we will have to confirm transaction in Metamask. You can see Total amount and Gas(gwei) tranaction fees. Click Confirm.

Then we get a dialog from PulseX dApp stating that the transaction was submitted. Currently at time of writing this block times of PulseChain are 3 seconds. Meaning your transaction should go thru in a blink of an eye. This is also where we can easily add/import tokens to Metamask. Click Add PLSX to Metamask.

Then Metamask will notify you. Here we see what tokens are being added plus the current balance. Click Add Token. You will only need to add/import tokens once per Metamask install.

Now we can see PLSX has been added to Metamask.

Congrats on making your first market buy on the highly anticipated PulseX dApp!

We can now add HEX to the list. It already exists but im using as an example. First we will need the correct contract address, lets head on over to the blockexplorer. and search HEX.

Once we have the HEX blockexplorer page loaded we can now copy the contract address. Always copy and paste, then visually verify the address. Remember, "Not your keys, not your crypto".

Then we go back to the PulseX dApp / Exchange and select the token dropdown and paste contract address in the "Search name or paste address" field.

Now you can see that HEX is already Active because it comes standard via Pulse Bridge. But this is how you would add any other tokens. Using HEX as an example. This would also work with (ethereum blockexplorer) because all of the contract address's from the hard-fork(PulseChain Airdrop) should be the same.

Now we can disconnect the site if you would like. This is optional, in my opinion it is safe to leave trusted sites connected.

First open Metamask

Then click the three vertical dots to dropdown menu, then click Connected sites.

In this guide we connected to the faucet and PulseX dApp. Click Disconnect on one to disconnect.

Then confirm by clicking the blue Disconnect button. Its that simple disconnecting sites!

This concludes my guide on how to market buy using the PulseX dApp. Thanks for reading!

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